Ashcroft Sirindar
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 51
Occupation Fisherman (former)

Father:Beardsley Sirindar

Mother:Blossom Sirindar

Children:Jacob Sirindar, Andrew Sirindar

Release date 15 June 2012
Voiced By Vilius Ranauskas

Ashcroft Sirindar (born 3 July 1961) is one's of the main's characters in the game, Jacob Sirindar's father. He was released in 15 June 2012.

Early lifeEdit

Love with Balthilda MarjackenEdit

When he was younger, he was a fisherman. He catched fishs and after the job, Ashcroft still catched fishs to cook them and eat. He never believed that he could ever fail catching fishs and he actually did never fail. But one time when walking after the job, when he even did cooked the fishs he saw a woman, she was Balthilda Marjacken, she was crying, because Balthilda and her parents didn't have money for food. Then Ashcroft got an idea and fished some fishes and gave them to her. Balthilda was so happy, that someone gave her something to eat and their love started there...